Top Ten Tips for your Perfect Getting Ready

Do you have everything Ready?

Your wedding starts with the Getting Ready, and it’s one of the most important moments of your big day because we can capture all these incredibly exciting sensations which will accompany you and your loved ones until the famous “Yes, I do!”.


So, relax and prepare yourself with our Top 10:


1) Room Choice

Choosing your room isn’t always possible, but if you also have guests at your resort you can select the best option among those rooms: It should be spacious and bright, that’s all. Like that, the photographer can easily immortalize your astonishing Getting Ready.

2) Keep it tidy!

The hotel maid should arrive half an hour earlier to clean up the room, make the beds and leave the suitcases in the closets, so no objects stand in the way. It should be as perfect and impeccable as when you just received it.

3) Groom neat and ready

Occasionally, when our team arrived the groom still had to take a bath, and that waiting time is time lost for pictures. Therefore it’s really important that the groom is already neat and dressed, prepared for the photo shoot.

4) Bridal Hairdo and Makeup all set

Dear Bride, we understand your hairdo and makeup take some time, especially on your wedding day, but please be ready when the photographer arrives!

5) The Accompaniment – less is more

Only the absolutely necessary number of persons should be present: your closest family or bridal party members. It’s best to start solely with the bride, her parents and maybe the Maid of Honor, or as for the groom, with the Best Man. Everyone else should enter afterward, for a toast or some funny extra pictures.

6) Your Wedding Rings

The rings should be in the groom’s room. The bride will just love the pictures of her fiancé holding the rings which will later convert them into husband and wife.

7) Accessories

When your outfits’ accessories decorate your beds, our photography and videography team can “play” with them. Top groom accessories are tie/bow tie, boutonnière, cufflinks, belt, shoes, suspenders, rings; the more the better. And for the bride: garter belt, earrings, necklace, bouquet, bracelets, plus the traditional “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” with some coins for her shoes. Same goes for gifts, have them ready to immortalize the receiver’s reaction!

8) Complete Garments

Please count with your full outfits without forgetting anything because otherwise, you might lose valuable photography time. Suit and dress should be already on the respective bed or at least inside the wardrobe, to avoid possible staining.

9) Don’t dress up entirely!

You should be ready, but not yet fully dressed. The wedding gown will be key to the perfect Getting Ready, which the photographer will achieve playing with its details and placing it depending on the light and surroundings. Usually, the gown is more important, but some groom’s attires can also be quite appealing for pictures, like the boutonnière or a nice suit.

10) Have Fun!

Our last but most important recommendation: Let your emotions run free and enjoy them, because you’ll get married only once in your lifetime, and that day will be the most beautiful and exciting ever. So, open a bottle of Champagne, turn on the music and have fun, fun, fun!

We are sure with these tips you’ll be more than well prepared for your wedding; so are you getting ready for your Getting Ready?

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