A Jewish Light Delight

Naomi & Barry


We met Naomi and Barry on a beautiful sunny and warm autumn day at the Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa.

Honoring wedding tradition, Naomi arranged her “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”, and then started thoughtfully writing her vows. Once all bridesmaids were dressed up in their lovely lavender-colored dresses, they had a great time joining Naomi with some champagne and memorizing their friendship forever on a couple of cheerful pictures – Hooray!

Then it was time for the bride to get into her elegant wedding gown, and button by button she prepared for the biggest moment of her life.

Now she was ready for the First Look with her beloved one, and as they approached each other you could see the raw emotion dancing in their eyes, making this an unforgettable instant for both of them.

And then it was time for the Wedding Processional which started with the Rabbi, followed by the groomsmen, the groom and his mother Marsha. Afterward, one by one the bridesmaids and flower girls walked in, among them a very sweet little girl making us all giggle in her cuteness, and of course the bride and her parents Laura and Josef. Everyone was so excited that even the chandelier in the Huppah (wedding canopy) danced around – or was it because of the wind?…

Rabbi Mark held the Ceremony partially in Hebrew and English, and I was really curious about the whole process, a Jewish ceremony was new to me!
After a few words of Rabbi Mark, Naomi and Barry circled each other seven times, remembering the world’s origin, and symbolizing the creation of their new life together as well as the union of their souls.

The Sheva B’Rachot was another very special moment when bride and groom received their Seven Wedding Blessings from family and friends, but of course, the reading of their vows was the emotional highlight, when both Naomi and Barry expressed how much they love and need each other, as lovers and best friends.

With so many emotions everybody got hungry, and a delicious “taco-pizza” was waiting at the Cocktail, among diverse other delicacies. Also here the decoration was made with such attention and love to detail that we were all simply awed. Just have a look at this incredible champagne-fountain that makes you thirsty instantly…

Joyfulness sounded on the dancefloor when Naomi and Barry had their First Dance to Jerry Garcia’s “How sweet it is”, and the dances with their parents were just as cheerful.

Once satisfied the fiercest appetite it was party time, and of course, there’s no Jewish celebration without the “Hava Nagila” song and rocking the chairs, they sure know how to have fun!

Finally, it was dinner time, and not just one or two toasts were held, but FIVE of them: Naomi’s brother remembered a funny “incident” with an electric guitar, and her father highlighted her independence as a person and businesswoman, as did her two girlfriends – all a power-lady!

Barry’s mother and brother both expressed their care and best wishes for the couple; all in all you could feel how loved both bride and groom are in their family and friendship circles.

 But what is dinner without dessert? Yes, the very appealing cake in white and lavender was still waiting for Naomi and Barry to be cut, and it was an exquisite instant when they had their first bites of the sweetness of their just started marriage.

The party still went on to the music of live band “La Mata” when we left and gave the entire wedding party their well-deserved privacy so they could keep moving their hearts and bodies on the dancefloor that seemed to have stolen some stars from the night sky.

All in all, it was an amazing day full of feelings and big emotions  not only for the wedding couple but also for everybody else involved including the ROMANZA photography and videography team, who caught every important and symbolic moment in this wonderful ceremony  so that  it will last forever  in the memory of the couple, and of course as well in mine.

Always & Forever

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