Behind the Scenes – Giuseppe Barbici –

Taking good photos requires great training; awesome pictures ask for an outstanding one.

Meet Giuseppe “Beppe” Barbici, our Photography Trainer & Romanza Top Photographer:

You are originally from Italy, what made you decide to live in the Riviera Maya?

“I arrived the first time in 2005 and was a photography store manager when I met my wife. We’ve been together for 12 years now and have 2 babies. And every time I came back, it was because this is a marvelous place to work at, especially in the wedding industry. The sites, the climate, the sun, the water-color, the sky’s blue, the white of the clouds; all these details make your pictures beautiful every single day.”

What do you love about photography?

“Since my childhood, I’ve loved the concept of images in general, so in school, I focused on graphic arts & multimedia and later studied cinema & photography. Afterward, I made a specialty in digital photography; I’m 36 now and come from the old school of analog photography. I’ve always had this fascination for detail, to evidence something and create magic with it. Cinema and photography have always been my passion.”

When did you start working as a photographer?

“After I finished high school in 2002, I moved to London to learn English so I could connect with more people and work abroad. The following year I moved back to Italy and started working as a photographer. I believe it’s been now 15 years in total and 13 years with Romanza.”

Sharing his knowledge and expertise with Romanza’s passionate photography team in 33 hotels, Barbici shows that the teaching of art should have no limits because everybody will enjoy the final results – the artwork of your wedding photography!


Come and dream with us!

What kinds of photography do you like most, besides Wedding Photography?

“I prefer architecture over landscape photography, as I believe, with all due respect, that landscape is an easier concept. But I’ve always loved to work with people: I started working in the fashion industry in Milan, and already at fashion photography school I cherished the communication with persons and how to achieve their best expression; portraits are my favorite. And wedding photography is so nice because it’s 90% part of this.”

Why did you specialize in Wedding Photography?

“Because I adore working at events where people are truly happy. Many people don’t like their appearance on photos, but once they see themselves on images taken by a pro they start getting comfortable, and this is where you feel truly realized: The day they recognize what you created on their lives’ most marvelous day, this is a gratification beyond everything.”

What do you love most about being Photography Trainer at Romanza?

“My dream has always been to teach my own knowledge. Despite the high competition, I’d like everybody to exercise this craft in its maximum expression so the composition of their artistic eye can shine; to tell stories like I love to do. Also, you learn from your student as a personal experience.
About Romanza, I’m one of their longest working company members. They treat me almost like family and always appreciate my recommendations. But most importantly: I do what I love!”

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