Behind the Scenes – Andrea Vismara –

Why do we stand out in wedding photography? 

Because at Romanza we only work with the best. 

Meet Photography Director Andrea Vismara

You are originally from Italy, what made you decide to live in the Riviera Maya?

“I’ve been living in several other countries before coming to Mexico, and when I arrived in 2009, I encountered a reality I liked very much. Since then I have spent most of my time here and am looking forward to more years to come.”

What do you love about photography?

“For me, photography belongs to the arts, and when you’re passionate about your craft you don’t really work anymore. I also love the fact of doing something different every single day. Sure sometimes there’s some routine to it, but then the artistic phase takes over and you create something special for your wedding couple, something so unique you hope your clients will love it as much as you do.”

When did you start working as a photographer?

“In 2009 I started working in the tourism photography. Later I was glad to meet experts who introduced me into the secrets of photography. Also, in the age of the internet, I researched the work of some of the best photographers and acquired more knowledge through self-learning. Plus, I attended several photography workshops over the last years.”

Leading Romanza’s expert photography team with an average of 2,500 weddings per year, Vismara is living proof that no dreams are too big if combined with professionalism and dedication.

Come and dream with us!

What kinds of photography do you like most, besides Wedding Photography?

“I would have loved to try also fashion or sports photography. I’m no huge fan of landscape photography as I consider it something very static, though I recognize that some nature photographers are excellent. As a hobby, I did some sports photography, but not on a professional level, because every style requires a different special equipment, and to do things the pro way, you need pro equipment.”

Why did you specialize in Wedding Photography?

“It’s been around 4 years ago that I specialized in wedding photography, which requires more responsibility, higher technical skills, and a superior quality; a great challenge. Another reason is the continued high demand, especially in Riviera Maya, but most importantly: Wedding photography is also very emotional, and to me besides the couple pictures the most relevant are the family photos, bringing together the people who may live apart, into one amazing moment captured for eternity.”

What do you love most about being Photography Director at Romanza?

“I’ve been working with Romanza practically from the company’s start, and it was for me like watching a child be born and grow up, which makes it a bit as if it were mine. They work in the best resorts and give you the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world, as well as international photographers and videographers. My position requires hard work, considering that the larger the company the more challenges you’ll meet, and I always give my very best, both on the administrative and the operational side.”

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