Top Ten Reasons for Getting Married in the Riviera Maya

Ready to say -YES-?

If you are wondering where you should do the most important step of your life, you will find that the Riviera Maya, Mexico, has lots to offer:


1. Count the stars – yes, it’s 5

Cancun is well known for counting with some of the most distinguished resorts worldwide, including adults-only hotels to indulge just the two of you or more familiar options for your perfect wedding and honeymoon.

2. Traveling made easy

With “Cancún International Airport” being Mexico’s biggest airport for international passengers, several airlines offering direct flights from almost every major city in the world and multiple transfer options, you and your loved ones will have an easy time getting to your hotel, saving time for romance and joy.

3. Beaches dressed in white

The beaches are famous for their white soft sand and blue skies merging with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea; a visual delight that will bring your eyes and heart joy and makes them the perfect location for “the kiss” at your beach wedding.

4. Perfect Climate

With an average yearly temperature of 77.9°F (25.5°C), the Caribbean is the ideal place for those who love to hold hands under sunny skies. Depending on if you like it a bit warmer or more tempered, you can always opt for the summer or winter season.

5. Ancient Mayan Heritage

The Riviera Maya is home to some of the most important sites of the Mayan culture and just a few hours away from the World Heritage Site “Chichén Itzá”, heart of the ancient Mayan empire and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; a historic site for a historic love story.

 6. Tons of Activities

 You will find a wide variety of activities such as sports activities like diving or snorkeling in Cozumel, part of the world’s 2nd largest coral reef system, and many others. And when the sun goes down, in Cancun and Playa del Carmen you will find a sparkling nightlife atmosphere with lots of exquisite restaurants, bars and nightclubs, which will make you feel all groovy and enamored.

7. Mesmerizing Cenotes

 Definitely, one of your wedding’s highlights will be your visit to one of the cenotes (Mayan dzonoot, “water holes”) that our paradise has to offer. With natural-pool like open cenotes or closed cenotes, partially underground and with fascinating natural formations, you and your other half will have the opportunity to marvel in these clear fresh waters, and maybe even have your Romanza “Trash the Dress” session there.

8. Gourmet Experience

The Traditional Mexican Cuisine is recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and represents worldwide one of the finest culinary experiences. In other words: just as delicious as your romance!

9. Not a steal, but a deal

Thanks to the current exchange rate, you will find very affordable prices both for your wedding package and in local shops such as in the famous 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, which allow you to save some cash for your new life together.

10. Getting married in 3-2-1

Saying “yes!” is quite simple as in general it requires only 3 things: a valid passport, birth certificate and a blood test of both the bride and groom. You can even opt for a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony to celebrate your love with an exotic touch, available at most resorts.

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